Since we laughed for legit hours after watching the bloopers episode of Pop Wars, we decided to make a similar outtakes episode with this week’s The Click Clique so all you clicksters can see how awesome it is to film this show every week with Meghan, Cat and Joey. Between telling us how they really feel about certain celebs (Joey’s not a fan of Cher Lloyd or Mindless Behavior but clearly he’s just joking around) to having a seriously hard time saying certain things (“terrarium” is clearly a difficult term), watch the TCC bloopers above! And make sure to tell us — which of our hosts do you think is the funniest on-camera?

Watch Last Week’s Click Clique With the Breaking Dawn Vampires!

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One Response to "The Click Clique Episode 21: Bloopers and Outtakes"

    Chloe says:

    Hahaha! i love them all so much! Joey is by far my favorite. But Meghan and Cat are hilarious as well.

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