Fans of The Hunger Games can finally rejoice because the DVD is out TODAY! And since we’re obsessed with The Hunger Games and our second most obsessed-over thing is One Direction, we thought, “what would the movie be like if it starred the 1D boys instead of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and the rest of the amazing cast?” They were all amazing (obviously), but come on, who wouldn’t want to see Harry Styles take on the role of Katniss Everdeen? And Zayn Malik as Cinna? Luckily for us, YouTube user TWxforever had the same idea and created this awesome Hunger Games trailer starring, you guessed it, 1D. Check out the “trailer” and tell us what you think! Would you see this movie if it was real?

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  • Miranda Seguin

    OMG YES!!!!!! My two favorite things 😀

  • Autumn

    hahahahahahaha!!!!! i love the hunger games and one direction! so this is like priceless! love it!<3

  • Diana

    The video waz awsome

  • ari

    yah thats so true i would volunteer inst ead if any of the guys were chosen if they would let?

  • Mal

    OMG (cuz niall’s my fave) i was thinking about that if there were a hunger games and niall was picked as a tribute, this is how it’d go down…
    Effie: NIALL HORAN!
    *He walks up slowly*
    Me: *waving arms in the air* No, stop! I volunteer as tribute!
    *I run up to niall and jump onto his back, push him away from the stage and take his place and fight for him*
    … I’m not crazy, wouldn’t you do that?!

  • Clarissa

    So… it’s past midnight and I havet to get up in less than five hours for school and I’m watching stuff like this. What has my life come to?

  • Cherry


  • princess shy

    That would be cool:-)

  • Jane

    That was funny except
    1) Simon should have been Snow and Louis should have been Effie. Louis isn’t mean!
    Oh and it’s nice to see Wagner again!

  • Jane

    That was funny except
    1) Peeta and Cinna’s roles were swapped a few times
    2) Simon should have been Snow and Louis should have been Effie. Louis isn’t mean!

  • gummy bear

    i love 1D and the hunger games!! but does harry really have to be the girl?? :/

  • me


  • dalina

    why harry has the female voice? 😀 xD

    • gummy bear

      i SSSOOO agree!!!! 😀

  • India

    I honestly think it is funny because harry is a girl and is very cute

  • Avery

    Apparently Harry’s Katniss, Nial’s Prim, Louis or Liam play Peeta and Zayne’s Gale. Intresting!

    • christine

      louis is peeta and liam is gale and zayn not zayne is cinna

  • Cassi

    Haha love it!

  • liza

    hahaha im the biggest 1d fan ever!! hilarious

  • Em and Dylan

    Wow Tht was so amazing when’s the movie gonna be out again

  • Ella

    I find it super funny how in all of the 1D movie trailers Harry is the girl 😀

  • nikita

    That was funny

  • Mrs. Horan

    omg i was dying the wholleeee time. i love these boys<3

  • Kathlyn Wagner

    i love it! Its hilarious! And original!
    ~Follow me on twitter @kathlynwagner13

  • ChellzPanda

    THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emm

    loled the WHOLE time XD