By now, I’m positive you’ve seen last week’s episode of Eff Yeah! (…right?!) where I highlighted the DVD for The Hunger Games. But I bet you didn’t see this big surprise coming — I’m giving away a copy this week! That’s right, since I went out of my way and bought one already, I’m giving one of you lucky EY! viewers a chance to score it for yourself. (You’ll see how in just a sec.)

Besides that, I also want to talk to you about Taylor Swift‘s new single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” — which I covered with my friend Luke on my YouTube channel. Just saying — Nintendo DS XL and this… Mason jar glass thingy.

Remember to leave a comment on YouTube for your chance to win The Hunger Games on Blu-Ray and DVD!

Check Out Last Week’s Ep Featuring the New Furby!

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  • Raye J

    My favorite tribute is FINNICK. He’s my favorite character, hands down. We would so be best buds – I wish I had a brother like him (although that would mean yelling at my friends to stop fantasizing about him) But from the first one, my favorite character is so Rue – if there’s an adorable little girl character, especially if she’s badass, you know I’m gonna love her.

  • Michelle

    my fave tribute is cato because every ody hates him and doesn’t get that he was brpught up in a mindset to volunteer and kill kids.

    P.S. Joey I love Panem’s Best. i don’t go one day without listening to it!

  • Ellington

    Rue, because she soooooooo pretty

  • mae

    ME RUE

  • Tori

    My favorite tribute is Thresh! I love how he stood up for Katniss because she teamed up with Rue. I think he is one of those guys that come off as a tough guy, but has a big soft squishy heart inside! I also really like that the book and movie didn’t show how he died, it kinda seems like a sign of respect to do that :)

    Btw, Joey i love your new hair!!! <3

  • Angelik

    In the second one will have to be Finnick!!! Because he is so hot and cool!!!! I can’t wait to see he on the second movie!!! SAM is good!!!!!

    • Michelle

      Well hon, if you think sam claflin is hot, just think a second about Joey’s washboard abs. Now that you jave thought about that, will you please rephrase what you just said.

  • Angelik

    My favorite tribute will have to be Katniss!! Because she volunteer for her sister, try to win the crowd, and she never show that she was scar. And her archery skills are so awesome!!!! I will love to win!!! GO HUNGER GAMES!!! BAD ASS!!!

    • Mattzion

      your site overwhelms me I miss my 88 that I had in 90-94. I have 2 kids now and this will be my perjoct. but where to find one for less than 20$ now. unbelievable. thx for the site!!Adam

  • Taylor

    My favorite tribute is Peeta! He’s such a loyal and trustworthy character.

    • Ella

      Mine too

  • Jamie Larimore

    My favorite tribute is Katniss because she’s strong and a bad ass!

  • V


  • Breanna

    Cato because he’s amazing and a badass

  • Farron

    My favorite tribute is Haymitch!

  • Aria Potterhead


  • Karina

    Favourite tribute is Finnick! Although he’s not in the first one he’s coming! Can’t wait! Xx