When Miley Cyrus revealed that her new music would be “very adult and sexy and believable,” this is certainly not what we had in mind. First off, it’s not Miley’s voice that blazes through the track, but rather that of Israeli dubstep producer and DJ Borgore. (We know what you’re thinking: Who?) If it wasn’t for this little tweet, we swear we wouldn’t have even known she was on it! Second of all, it’s very… un-Miley. “Everyday’s my birthday ’cause bitches love cake.” Somehow, we don’t think the words ‘adult,’ ‘sexy’ and ‘believable’ will come to mind when listening to these lyrics.

Then again, this isn’t her single, it won’t be on her album, and she could just be helping an up-and-coming act out. Who knows? No one can ever tell what she’s going to do next. (Ahem.) Anyway, listen to “Decisions” above, then tell us whether you love it or loathe it!

Did Miley Cyrus Cut Her Hair for Cancer?

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20 Responses to "Miley Cyrus & Borgore Debut New Track, “Decisions”"

  1. Teen.com
    Crislaine says:

    Heaven forbid she LIVES HER LIFE! She wasn’t doing ANYTHING illagel and the fact you’re saying she is ruining her life is redundant. She shouldn’t have to live her life being a role model forever.

  2. Teen.com
    me says:

    Who sings about not sharing their cake???

  3. Teen.com
    olivia says:

    ???? when I was little I used 2 love miley cyrus but
    you can’t even hear her!!!
    wtf happened 2 her? this isn’t music

    • Teen.com
      Mujib says:

      look she’s choosing the best drug. at least she’s not going aronud doing pills that can really eff you up. a lot of people do salvia and marajuana. i don’t see how this is such a big deal.

  4. Teen.com
    Fatıma Zehra says:

    Yikes! :S That’s awkward :S

  5. Teen.com
    love15 says:

    this is shit !!!!!!

  6. Teen.com
    swaggerlicious says:

    damn!!! wat the heck happened to her??? where z d real music???

    • Teen.com
      Francisco says:

      She has been caught doing drugs.She is only 18 and alerady has at least 2 tattoos.She dresses like a slut (although, if it’s for school, I would not say slut) or inappropriately.She has a song called, Can’t Be Tamed , so she can be a little crazy.She has REALLY bad grammar.Some songs give a bad message to younger kids(ex. Can’t Be Tamed, Fly on the Wall, etc.)Not really relevant, but not a very good actress or singer.Has pictures of herself, showing her bra, in the shower with a shear white shirt on, holding up her shirt revealing her stomach, her butt (covered), etc.Notice, on HM, she doesn’t eat food. Could encourage kids to become anorexic. Hope I helped!

      • Teen.com
        Reallybitch! says:

        Bitch your dumb. So, now that she’s not a kid on disney anymore she doesn’t have to be a role model to that group of people. Did it ever occur to you that she hates having little 7 year old girls looking up to her. If thats the only fans you have, then your fuckin’ up somewhere. Maybe she wants an adult audience and thats why shes acting in such dramatic ways. Seriously, she’s 20 and who cares how many tats she has. Point is she’s grown. If you don’t like the adult version of miley cyrus then stop paying attention to her, Its pathetic that people really give two fucks about who she’s influencing. She’s not forcing little girls to look up to her no more. Hannah Montanna is dead to the world now. Get over it!

    • Teen.com
      Yader says:

      after hearing that Miley Cyrus had put some of her own clhoting and schwag up for charity auction, we wondered aloud whether sellers of other Miley/Hannah-related goods would benefit and according to Terapeak trend reports, they

  7. Teen.com
    swaggerlicious says:

    eeww thts fake where z d real music!!!!!!

  8. Teen.com
    Vivian Vo says:

    Love the beat but the lyrics are awful. To be honest ‘Friday’ from Rebecca Black is way better than this tune!

  9. Teen.com
    Emily says:

    Wtf, this gives dubstep such a bad name. Not only is the dubstep horrible, I don’t even think Miley “sings” in this! Lol way to go guys. xD

  10. Teen.com
    ribbons says:

    What the hell?This is horrible.

  11. Teen.com
    chelsey says:

    What the heck is wrong with her! You can barley hear her and she honestly is not that good anymore she has totally gone down hill, And her hair?….Well lets just say she should of stuck with blond as Hannah Montana in the show…..Girl your on your way to rehab just saying and no wonder why Demi Lavato had to go to rehab because she hangs out with you.. I Am not trying to be rude but honestly this is the best way i can put it..I use to love hannah montana and Freaked out when ever it came on.. You were a role model.. Now i am not to sure, I mean i still love you in all but you need to get things together.. Best luck Miley and congrats on your ingagment with Hunger Games Star. He’s a cutie. :)

  12. Teen.com
    alisha says:

    what the hell

  13. Teen.com
    julesclues13 says:

    This is horrible..what happened to music? I think I’ll stick with The Beatles and Zeppelin, thanks.

    • Teen.com
      Tejas says:

      JJ winters cltuch was a huge hit! We sold them out like hot cupcakes. If you want, we can see if we can special order for you, so let us know. Thanks for reading our blog!!

    • Teen.com
      KO3AK says:

      Nothing has happened to music. It is all about taste. You just demonstrated how little you understand about taste and culture. Do you think people that like Tuvan throat singing would understand your tastes?

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