His big 1-9 isn’t until Wednesday, but Liam Payne and his One Direction bandmates got the party started early by celebrating his birthday over the weekend in London. There was a Batman cake and a very slim looking Danielle Peazer involved, but why were Zayn and Louis no-shows? And why did Niall get rejected at the door? All the deets on Liam’s party are in the vid above!

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Details on One Direction’s New Single!

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  • Shamay Brackins

    Happy birthday

    • Ameera

      That is awesome! My yosgenut is going to be 8 in about 3 weeks. I might look into getting something like that for him to listen to…He likes to listen to the K Love Christian radio station over any of the other regular rock stations, and he’s at that age where he’s really curious about the bible and wants to learn more. This would be a great way to get him (and me) to better understand God’s word. :0)

  • Juliana k

    Happy birthday liam

  • Jillian Kreider

    happy b-day LIAM!!! hope u had a great one

  • Shaneece

    I think all the members of the band should have been there and no one should have been rejected at the door.

  • Katy

    Happy Early Birthday Liam!!!!

  • Samantha

    Who Doesn’t Know ONE DIRECTION??!?!?!?!?!? oh and LIAM HAPPY -earlyy- BIRTHDAY!!!!

    • Nicole

      especially if it’s one of the members parties