In case you’re wondering what’s up with the setup I used in this week’s Non-Expert Advice, I’m in Seattle hence why I filmed this episode in front of a TV instead of my usual setup at my desk. But moving on, let’s get to the questions! Watch the video above to see what advice I gave viewers who need to know how to fit in at a new school and what to do when a guy ignores you after you kiss. Awkward.

Need some of your own non-expert advice? Leave your questions below, then be sure to come back every Wednesday at 2pmPT/5pmET for more!

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  • olivia

    I went out with this guy who I was really good friends with but then we decided to break up because my best friend liked him.
    anyway we said we’d be really good friends like before but as soon as I got to school that day he just ignored me, and didn’t answer my texts.
    I still want to be friends with him but he hasn’t talked to me since we broke up and he said some mean things about me behind my back :(

    • Fatıma Zehra

      Oh wow i’m feelin sorry for u , poor u :(

  • TeenQueen14

    I have a crush on a guy but my friends don’t think he is good enough for me!
    Should I still date him even if I get no support from my friends??

    • Ally219

      You should still date him. Your friends should support you no matter what.

    • Fatıma Zehra

      I think u shouldn’t date him cuz ur friends know u and want the best 4 u so i think u should listen ’em