After one watch of the trailer for Liam Hemsworth‘s new movie, Love and Honor, we’re prettttty sure he’s doing another Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie ala The Last Song (where he met Miley!). Technically Nicholas Sparks has no relation to this one, but the plot feels pretty torn from one of his novels — a guy (Liam’s character) is in the military, he escapes with his friend (Austin Stowell) in the army back to his hometown to win back the girl of his dreams (Aimee Teegarden), and the first guy falls in love with a girl he meets there (Teresa Palmer). But we’ve gotta say — Liam’s super good at accents. The real-life Aussie pulls off Southerner in this movie like it ain’t no thang! And also, he’s shirtless in this trailer, so we’ll give him a few points for that too.

The movie doesn’t have a release date in the US yet, but watch the trailer for Love and Honor above and tell us if you’re gonna see it in the comments below!

Why Liam Hemsworth is the Best Fiance Ever

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  • THG biggest fan

    well that does look like one of those boring but emotional movies i wouldnt go out and see it beause the trailer just bored me to dealth and the romance was terrible i like a good action that wasnt action that was a romancey action he keeps thinking about her and,and it just looks boring and stupid in fact i take back the emotional part it wont even be sad i didnt see and1 die so that didnt hit my spot,it pressed my buttons and 2/10s rating from me yep lame movie

  • kristine

    i have got to see this looks so badass!

  • Fatıma Zehra

    Yeah,it’s The Expendables 2 , and he’s lookin so cute 😀 :3 ^-^