It seems like only yesterday that Austin Mahone scored his singing contract with Universal Records (actual time: two weeks ago), and he’s already making moves. He’s got a brand-new music video, Mahomies! And it’s gonna take you back a couple days to the first day of school. Just like most first days, this one involves passing notes back and forth and throwing papers. Except unlike most back-to-school activities, this one includes a hot guy with Bieber-like dance moves on the basketball court. Watch Austin’s “Say Somethin’” above, and then check out our interview with Austin where he talks about the song!

What Austin Mahone Will Look Like in the Future

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9 Responses to "Austin Mahone Premieres The Back-to-School Themed Music Video for “Say Somethin’”"

  1. […] Austin Mahone Say Somethin’ Official Music Video | – Austin Mahone releases “Say Somethin’” music video on September 11, 2012 after signing record deal with Universal Republic’s Chase Records. It seems like only yesterday that Austin Mahone scored his singing contract with Universal Records … YouTube; Pinterest; Home. Sitemap| Advertise with Us … […]

    jocelyne says:

    i think he is awsome and boy he hot

    Gabby says:

    I’m his girlfriend and I love him to death and I love all of his fans

    Chelsey Sterling says:

    OMG!!! I luv HIM! I luved his song Say Somethin! He is soooooo cute I think he’s funny because I found some videos of him and somebody else goofing around. I LUV YOU AUSTIN!!!!!!(:

    destiny morales says:

    omg love him mAHOMIE FOR LIFE! :)

    Fatıma Zehra says:

    Aww! :3 He’s so cuuuuuuute :3 :)) ;) I love him :) The video was awesome! :D but… i didn’t like the girl cuz she isn’t beneath Austin…. Oooh BTW,proud to being Mhomie <3 :D

      Yui says:

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    Hayley B. says:

    Omg, he’s so inspirational and gorgeous! I love the video and I love HIM. <3 I know he will definitely make it far in the music industry. I'm so proud to be an original Mahomie! LOVE YOU AUSTIN (:

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