Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson might’ve not cracked our list of hot celebrity bromances at the beginning of the year, but rest assured, they would be numero uno if we were to redo it now. So while we were stalking Googling the cute One Direction BFFs, we stumbled across this fan-made Larry Stylinson video. Watch the epic-ness unfold above. It may be 15 minutes, but we promise it’s worth it. Larry Stylinson, FTW!

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  • Ashley

    This is beautiful.

  • isa

    This is beautiful

  • Jessica

    This is bulshit they are just good friends

  • Katie

    This is beautiful! Personally I would love for Larry to be real. It’s not like they’d date me or you anyway!

  • Lilly

    So beautiful~ :’)

  • toshia

    This is so much more than a bromance. They are beautiful together

  • peace

    They are a living fantasy together. absolutely beautiful, Love them!

  • Kristen

    What these two have is something quite special.

  • Beth

    This is beautiful.

  • Amy

    It’s a romance. Official, confirmed.

  • kassandra horan

    i love larry

  • kelly

    i love harry and louis but that is not true they are youst friends anyone with me?

  • niall you eating again :/

    O…M…G i loved that now i really want too kiss them <3 i wish people would not say thay r gay :º{ i HATE it 1D please follow me on twitter my user is @hannahvouriois okay thanks anyone follow :]

  • Taylor

    OH MY GOD! That’s like such an awesome video!

  • Anna

    I’m legit crying over this video right now! I absolutely LOVE 1D and Harry Styles. I hope that they just really aren’t dating because that would take Harry off the market:( They look sooooo in LOVE though! <3

  • Katy

    AWWWWW! That was the cutest video I have ever seen! Larry Stylinson!!!

  • Becca

    Awwwwwww I’m crying happily