Ladies of the world, please take notes. When choosing a husband, make sure to pick one who’s willing to not only learn a dance to One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” but also surprises you with that same dance on your wedding day.

Okay, now that that’s settled, we can quickly discuss how FREAKIN’ ADORBS this video is! First, how cute is the groom when he starts out by saying how much he loves his new wife? And second, how awesome were his groomsmen for being game to put on the performance of a lifetime? Seriously, between this and the Justin Bieber wedding dance video, our standards are becoming pretty high. Just sayin’. Check out the video above and let the awesomeness ensue!

Watch the Ultimate Larry Stylinson Bromance Video!

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  • Mario

    Tears are streaming down my face, to have a liltte voice with that precious liltte face, took me down.I love this child so much, she has really touched my heart, children are so precious…what a gift from God we have. I am praying always for Abby, and her parents, you can see and feel your love for Abby. I wish all children were in good homes like this, we are so blessed. My heart is with you all…and Dad-dee….can Abby please have a guinea pig????? pleaseeeeeeee ….I love you Abby, so glad you are having some good times now, our prayers were heard and are being answered everyday. Our hope is in Jesus to carry you through this, God bless you and your family .

  • keke (L.B)

    omg bout to learn this pronto. that was very sweet

  • nashay

    awww that was so adorable i hope when i get married my husband will do that

    • Alejandra

      Absolutely PRICELESS !!!!!!Thank you for sharing the vioeds of Abby. She is such a lucky child too have parents who love her so much and you are all Blessed too have Abby !!!!!!!!!!It was so nice to see Abby enjoy the vioeds sent to her. I’m glad she was able to get through them even though she was not feeling 100%.We Pray Abby slept well after dancing with Daddy? We continue too lift Abby up in our Prayers.Love and Prayers,Joyce and NickP.S.When are you going to the pet store Dad? -priceless-