If you’ve been watching me on Sounds Like… (which, why wouldn’t you be?), then you should know that it’s still YouTuber Musician Appreciation Month. First, we kicked it off with Charlie Pluth, then Jimmy Wong, and now, it’s time for… Tiffany Alvord!

Tiffany’s self-produced album, My Heart Is — which is available on iTunes now! — is just so catchy (plus, I’ve hung out with her in person, and she’s really cool), so I’m giving away an autographed copy! So watch today’s ep to find out how to win it, and make sure to DL your free copy of Tiffany’s music here.

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  • Gary

    Awe! THANK YOU SO MUCH Patty for your sweet words! Hope to meet you the next time I’m in the area! Until then, GOD BLESS and much ALOHA! tiffany

  • Preeya

    LOVE HER <3