First off, we’d like to give a big, hearty congrats to Vanessa Hudgens, who was honored at the 2012 Power of Youth Awards for her work with the Make a Wish Foundation. She’s been a part of the organization since her High School Musical days! But that’s not all she spilled on. She also discusses her upcoming role in Spring Breakers, opposite Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson.

Apparently, the movie’s so risque that her younger fans “aren’t allowed to watch it!” But if you are old enough (we’re guessing 17+, since it’s prob going to be rated R), Ness says to keep an open mind. OK, now we have to know what it’s about. Watch the red-carpet interview above, and subscribe to our friends at ClevverTV for more celeb news!

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  • kayla

    Its so surprising Selena Gomez would be in a movie lik this. It makeno sense to me…

  • Tara

    I say let them do what they want and cant wait to see the movie(:
    Who are we to judge anyways???

  • twest75@

    Good to know all you know more about a movie that you haven’t seen than professional critics who have.

  • georgina

    Agreed, spring breakers is going to be trashy despite what reviews can say. Bad career choice for most of the main cast, including Franco.

  • joan

    I’m so glad and proud of everything she is doing, she deserves the award and I can’t wait to watch her new movies, she is the best.

  • nina

    another crappy movie ,all what’s there is bikinis , drinking , smoking .nothing too p or nog ra phic . just a silly teen comedy . that’s what critics said . don’t think it’ll be R rated .

    • Rachel

      Selena already said it was. Besides, it’s been reported that it’s sexual, not just drinking and partying.

  • hannah

    she shouldn’t be doing things like this