The premiere pictures from The Vampire Diaries‘ fourth season were pretty enticing, but wait ’til you sink your teeth into this clip from the first episode. It’s when Damon and Stefan have to explain to Elena that the car accident she was in with Matt actually killed her. And now she’s a vampire. NBD. Find out how Elena handles the traumatic turn of events, and make sure to subscribe to our friends at ClevverTV for more celeb news!

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  • Olger

    When Elena told Jeremy that he couldn\’t stay in love with a ghost I was so upset! I was tkihning who are you to talk! I\’m really glad they addressed that at the end of the episode. I was hoping that Jeremy cheating on Bonnie with Anna would be more serious than one kiss. They\’re so good together I hope that they show more of Jeremy\’s power and that he doesn\’t stay heart broken for too long! I totally agree with both of you that Bonnie\’s character needs more development. There\’s been a lot of opportunities for the writers to do that but it just doesn\’t seem to be a priority for them right now. I can totally see her and Matt getting closer. Let\’s see if it leads up to something. Alaric finally has something to do (deciphering those writings on the wall) I can\’t wait till next episode

  • allie

    i want damon to love elena as much as stefan did

  • melissa


  • applepie

    when is it cmng bak??

  • Sarah

    Though it will be emotional initially, I hope that Elena adjusts quickly to the idea of being a vampire. Stefan only saved Matt at her insistence to do so; she must have known that there would be consequences. A co-worker at DISH and I also agree that with all of the trouble she’s constantly in, it will be better with her as a vampire. I am excited to see the true affect of her transition when I watch the premiere with my Hopper. My late train ride coincides with this and many other premieres, but with 2,000 hours of recording space, I can spend my weekends as a total couch potato. Last season was all about Elena learning to defend herself, I hope she quickly realizes that now she actually can.