One Direction’s new single, “Live While We’re Young,” leaked a little bit earlier than planned yesterday, and today another pop artist suffered the song-leak blues.‘s duet with Justin Bieber, “You and Me,” off his upcoming album, Willpower, unexpectedly hit the Internet! Just to clarify, by ‘duet’ we mean raps and Justin repeats five words throughout the entire song. Cool. A few days ago, Will tweeted:

Well, we guess he’ll have to plan on making even more songs then. Bummer. Listen to the new song above and let us know if you think Justin should’ve had a bigger part on the track!

Check Out Another Justin Bieber Duet!

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10 Responses to "Yet Another Song Leak! Listen to Will.I.Am’s “You and Me” featuring Justin Bieber!"

    Imad says:

    i mean justin chngaed n we cnt do nethin gabout it so pleae stop making thse dumb vids well theere not dumb but there just sad as ssoon as he got it sel he cut his hair got piercings i mean wth

    Lesego says:

    He is so cool nut when is he coming 2 South Africa

    Chyna says:

    I Really Dont Know How I Feel About Its Not My Absolute Favorite Song Ever..

    abi says:

    JB is so asome

      Shiho says:

      Like say a hot girl sings and writes her own music WELL, would it make her any htoetr?I am just curious because when I like a guy and find out he is a musician (especially if he is good) it makes him SO much htoetr. Thanks!

    abi says:

    i love JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

    Fatıma Zehra says:

    I miss Justin with emotional songs :( :( :’( not a dubstep song :S

      TinaMarie says:

      Dengan dukungan dari steiap yang suka artinya aku akan meneruskan membuat artikel bergambar seperti ini. Thanks bos wat komentarnya selfishyayun recently posted..

    angela says:

    i LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER , a new song he is amazing

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