After interviewing Olly Murs at our office last week (see the cute photo from the studio here!), it’s time to announce that we’ve developed a crush on the British singer. So you can only imagine how much our hearts began to race when he released a new video for his single, “Heart Skips A Beat.” Let us just tell you off the bat, it’s so different from the last one. The first version was all about soccer (or should we say ‘football’ since he’s a Brit?), but this one’s all about… love. Sigh. Watch the latest edition above!

Want more? Olly’s album, Right Place, Right Time, has a release date! On December 4, 2012, you can get the CD, which will include this track with Chiddy Bang, as well as Olly’s upcoming anthem, “Troublemaker,” featuring Flo Rida. And if you still haven’t had enough, here’s the tracklist and cover art:

1. “Army of Two”
2. “Heart Skips a Beat”
3. “Troublemaker”
4. “Dance with Me Tonight”
5. “Hand on Heart”
6. “Hey You Beautiful”
7. “Right Place, Right Time”
8. “Oh My Goodness”
9. “Loud and Clear”
10. “Dear Darlin'”

OK, we’re done for now, but be sure to stay tuned for Olly on Teen’s My Day, My Life!

Watch Olly Murs Compete in the Olly-mpics!

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  • Haniel

    I realy appreciate the heart touch love stories that makes the heart skip and beat

  • Bree

    I love how this is only now coming out in the USA, the original version came out months ago in the UK. :/