One Direction‘s latest video, “Live While We’re Young,” has already racked up over 40 millions views on YouTube, so some dedicated Directioners decided to put their own spin on the vid.

Taking a note from the lively video, tons of fans dance and sing along to the incredibly catching tune. Watch for yourself above!

Also, you can pick up 1D’s new album when it drops on November 13.

Niall Spills New Album Secrets!

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  • mina-styles

    Its so cute I love it

  • mina-styles

    Its so cut I love it

  • lisa

    Super!!!!!! Best film i lovvvvvve it!
    Great :o)
    and live while we’re young…

  • Francheska

    OMG THATS SO CUTE i know harry styles phone number n i know the boys phone number i was with harry since i was a little peanut!!!! follow me on @Franchy101239 love you!!!!! – Harry Styles

    • Ellie

      Woah… i would so love to be besties with the boys! haha you’re so lucky!