PSY‘s “Gangnam Style” is clearly the next “Call Me Maybe.” Everyone’s covering it (and mashing them up), even celebrities! Cody Simpson kind of started that trend among the famous not too long ago, and now another teen sensation’s picked it up: Liam Payne! Just this weekend, while One Direction snagged three awards, Daddy Directioner went on BBC Radio 1 and performed the viral tune’s dance. Watch above! (Oh, and P.S. He also confirmed that he’s single at the 41:45 mark here. How do you feel about the Liam/Danielle Peazer split?)

Liam Payne’s Shaved Head: Hot or Not?

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  • Mary

    Harry Styles is hot! And amazingly talented he will forever be my inspiration! xxx

  • Shae Lynn Colter

    I think his new shaved head is way cute. As for the Danielle thing, she’s pretty and i wish her the best, but maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.IDK. love you One Direction!!!So cute.

  • 1dluvr

    he is SO adorable!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ luv u Liam!!!!!!!!
    first comment 😉