It’s Halloween time in Rosewood, so you know what that means — things are about to get more creepy than usual (if that’s even possible!) for the Pretty Little Liars gals. In this just-released clip, Aria (Lucy Hale) looks a little bummed as plenty of her peers party around her during a creepy Halloween bash held on a moving train. Then, the party’s resident rock star (Adam Lambert) approaches Aria where they have a little chat.

Seems innocent enough, right? Wrong! After their chat, a mysterious masked party-goer then swipes Aria’s drink. What the..? Watch the video above for yourself, and tune into the PLL Halloween episode when it airs on ABC Family October 23 at 8 PM.

Who do you think is underneath the jester mask? Could it be “A”? Share your theories in the comment section.

Hooray! ‘PLL’ Gets a Fourth Season!

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  • Yoyoyoglee

    That was literally the scariest episode of pll yet. And Paige didn’t die. :( :( :)( that was the one creepy person who actually ships paily!

  • Jas

    This show has pretty much stomped on all my theories as to A, so I’ve stopped trying. A friend I work with at DISH thinks that Mona is under the mask, though, and she and Toby are planning something (obviously). Regardless, I’m really excited for the Halloween special. I’ve been a PLL fan since the beginning, and I can’t wait for the 23rd. I’m recording the episode on my Hopper, and adding it to my other PLL episodes. It has enough memory that I won’t have to delete anything, and after this season my friend and I are going to have a marathon. Maybe we’ll find some new clues about the A conspiracy.