By now, it’s kinda needless to point out that Justin Bieber puked on stage mid-performance (though, this explanation video where he vomits rainbows still makes us LOL a little). But while Justin kept pretty mum about the topic, not everyone felt the need to be tight-lipped about the situation. {In walks Jon M. Chu, the Biebs’ Never Say Never director.} Jon doesn’t go into the specifics much, but it’s still pretty hilar when he recalls the debacle. And the fact that he gives exclusive details on the Believe tour doesn’t hurt either. Watch the interview above for all the Bieber goodies, and make sure to subscribe to our friends at ClevverTV for more celeb news!

Fight Against Cyberbullying like Justin Bieber!

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  • AshleySalgado

    I love Justin <3

  • Killer Queen

    Why would anyone care about what happened to a mundane, untalented piece of rubbish that barely qualifies as a human being? Bieber hater and proud!

    • bianca

      shut up!!!