The Wanted has got a brand new video! The guys just debuted the video for their song “I Found You,” and play heroes to a damsel in distress. They even get to show off their fighting skills, as they have to take on a couple guys who kidnapped the previously mentioned damsel.

With that act of chivalry and these sweet lyrics, this is definitely a song you’ll want to make sure is on your iPod.

I found you, in the darkest hour
I found you, in a pouring rain
I found you, when I was on my knees
And your love pulled me back again
Found you in a river of pure emotions
I found you, my only truth
I found you, with the music playing

Watch the video above, and tell us what you think of it in the comments!

Q&A With The Wanted!

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  • tanjum

    I love this song and i love the wanted, all of there songs are good :)

    • jannell

      i love nathan i wish that was me

  • Jenny

    this song is good except fo the chorus it just doesnt sound right also it sounds like a song ive already heard

  • Jenny

    this is complete crapppp

  • MrsSykess

    I love love love it! I love the fighting scenes <3 But was I the only one who got JEALOUS when Nath started kissing the girl :O

    • Bella

      Oh no! i was watching that like no Nathan. Make out with me instead. 😉