Just another reason to love Katy Perry. Over the weekend, the “Part of Me” singer took the stage with a young girl named Jodi DiPiazza who suffers from Autism. When Jodi was younger, it was nearly impossible for her to speak, but she eventually discovered her love for music, and learned how to play the piano.

So, during the taping of Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars, a special which helps bring awareness to children with Autism, Jodi played the piano and belted out the inspiring tune with none other than Katy herself. You might want to break out a box of tissues, this is pretty emotional!

Watch the video above for yourself, and tune in to Night of Too Many Stars when it airs on Comedy Central October 21 at 8 PM.

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  • NoThig

    Why is Katy marrying him? He kinda looks gross! :/ But,I unrnestadd in my opinion,I think Katy only finds a guy ho is really funny she doesn’t care if he’s ugly or not. ) I think thats a type of a guy she likes! ) GO KATY!!! Woah! )

  • edith qintero

    that is wundurful

  • edith qintero

    she is amazing she is like vicoria justece

  • bejblovesyou

    I almost cried. She is so beautiful and so sweet. Lots of love for you Jodi DiPiazza! <3

  • Cassie

    This is so SWEET!!!

    • Pethum

      Went to the cnrecot on Tuesday! I had the best night of my life. I had not so good seats but still had a kicka** time. Also Was my first cnrecot. Thanks KATY!

  • Miranda Almanzar

    She was sooooooo cute! And still is!!