We know that you’ve probably seen tons of videos of people covering Rihanna‘s “We Found Love” in the past, but we can almost guarantee that you’ve never seen a RiRi cover vid quite as adorable as this. Although he didn’t film it, YouTuber Mark Edwards recently posted this video of two young Irish boys (neither of which are Niall Horan, BTW) to his channel simply because he was so impressed with their talent — and we don’t blame him! Not only do the lads have great voices, but they can also play the guitar and rap, too! IN-sane. Check it out!

Are You Obsessed With Rih’s New Single Yet?

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2 Responses to "Watch Two Adorb Irish Boys Cover Rihanna’s “We Found Love!”"

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    dalina says:

    i love this! i love the boys! wooow :D

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