Hey guys! I hope you liked last week’s season premiere of Dear Teen — where I surprised a Justin Bieber superfan with tickets to his L.A. concert — but for this week’s episode, I’m totally taking it up a notch! Recently, I found one of Ed Sheeran‘s biggest fans waiting outside for his concert at L.A.’s Wiltern theater, and took her backstage to meet him. That’s right — she got to chat with the amazing British singer, and he even gives her a hug! Oh, and he even filled her in on the secret that One Direction‘s Harry Styles was going to be there that night, no big deal.

Watch the video above and leave a comment or email us at dearteen@teen.com telling us which celeb you’re dying to meet and make sure you¬†subscribe¬†to Teen so you don’t miss an episode! Byeeeeee!

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4 Responses to "Dear Teen: Fan Goes Backstage and Meets Ed Sheeran!"

  1. Teen.com
    TJ says:

    I love ED SHEERAN so much! The fact that you let her meet him is just unbelieveable! I would have been crying and since Harry Styles was there, I would be crying even more. I want my bestfriend to meet Taylor Swift or One Direction. I hope you read my email I sent to you! Please pick my best friend next, it would mean the world to me and her.

  2. Teen.com
    Vanessa Vaihinger says:

    That girl is seriously the luckiest person ever I can’t even. I would’ve been crying tears of joy. I didn’t find out about him a few months ago from one direction I’ve been listening to him before they blew up here but either way she is so lucky. That guy is perfection I swear his voice his looks his personality not one flaw in any part of him. He just means so much to me it’s nearly unhealthy I hope I too get to meet him one day.

    • Teen.com
      Emily says:

      Haha I know exactly how you feel. I’ve loved him from the beginning too and I’m so glad he’s becoming so popular because as much as I loved keeping him as my little secret (I’m not a creeper xD), it’s great that he’s getting all the recognition that he deserves ^_~ I was squealing in my chair as I was watching the video. Teen, you guys are so amazingly generous :) You should do another one of these videos with Ed Sheeran :D

    • Teen.com
      Gerard says:

      The music video is true, he told us just a few seconds after the end of that video Let’s just say- you know I don’t like being in my music viodes . We’re in it too, they had cameras and everything. Can’t wait to try and spot myself! Love these guys!

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