If you want a full hour of One Direction answering TONS of fan questions, and talking about pretty much anything and everything, you’ve come to the right place! To promote their album Take Me Home (hitting stores on November 13!), the 1D boys sat down and did a live Ustream, and covered topics like the meaning behind their tattoos, their fave songs off the new album and much, much more!

So, set aside about an hour from your day, and watch 1D’s UStream above!

‘Little Things’ Video Tease!

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  • Helena

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  • liam’s-Angel

    I LOVEEE ONE DIRECTION ps. Dont hate plz they have never done anything to u TANKS

    • Paris johnson

      lol that is so rite i hate wen peps du tht

  • Maheshi

    Totaly agree with u, u ar wasting ur time watching this.

    • Samantha

      shut up,then why were u watchin it?

      • Emirhan

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    • Paris johnson

      U betta get ur big baldheaded butt on cuse honey booboo u the one that sat up here and watched it to so SSSSSSHHHHHHUUUUUUUTTTTUUUUPP and KICK ROCKS.

  • Scorpio

    Great, because sane people REALLY want to waste 46 minutes of their life watching idiots talking about how they waste theirs.

    • Daynah

      Sane? you actually think us directioners are SANE? ah ah ah – NO…me and the rest of the directioner family are all very insane ppl and we’re okay with that. that’s why non of us have lives and watch hour long interviews of One Direction =)

  • harley

    hey you were not at newfound land yet