We think many people can agree that summer 2012 was full of unforgettable music. From Justin Bieber‘s “Boyfriend,” to Carly Rae Jepsen‘s infectious “Call Me Maybe,” millions of people had their iPods full of some seriously sweet tunes. Thankfully, our friends Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui put together a medley of the summer’s best songs and we want YOU to choose which one reigns supreme. So watch the video above, then cast your vote below!

Also, if you like what you see here, there is currently a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for Sam’s independent album release (produced by Kurt) and companion videos. Kurt and Sam are very excited to bring original songs to life, all thanks to their largest support network – the fans!

Justin Duets With Keenan Cahill — LOL!

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  • Lindsay

    Boyfriend.(: I love the biebss, its not much of a summer song though but i will do anything for Justin!! <3 I also like starships and Gangnam Style

  • coraledford

    look for me on facebook becuse i love nail horn

  • Pepper

    OK, A) I’m not going to shut up; there’s no law against free speech, a B) Yes, I am a musician. Try me. And even if I lost my hands and voice, I’d still be more of a musician than you.

    • screw u, fool

      WHO CARES?! Go be a hater some where else. Or get a damn life with that talent of yours. Your choice.

  • Isis

    in love with the mash up of songs

  • OneDirectionLover

    It would have to be WMYB or WANEGBT. I love One Direction and you can see in my name!!

    • Pepper

      Saying you like One Direction is basically the equivalent of saying that you’re mentally and emotionally dead inside and therefore have no real taste. The best song, in terms of musicality, is Some Nights by fun., and this is coming from a musician.

      • Sandy

        Saying you love somebody isnt saying that they you are dead mentally and emotionaly because if you love someone then thats emotion but you probably only know about the bad kind of emotions. Thats why you hate people you dont even know.

      • kristina

        Shut up

      • Kelsey

        Please MUSICIAN yeah right…

  • Spencer Avery

    Can you buy this song anywhere? Would love to have this on my iPod :) This is amazing <3