If you were expecting to see Taylor Swift‘s infamous ‘shocked’ face at the 2012 Country Music Awards, sorry to burst your bubble; T.Swift won zero of the three awards (Entertainer of the Year, Female Vocalist of the Year, Musical Event of the Year) she was nominated for! But, to be fair, Red only debuted last week and it’s been four years since Fearless, so… There’s always 2013, Tay! On the plus side, we were graced with a performance of her new single, “Begin Again.” Watch the video above, and leave any of your Tay-related comments on the Taylor Swift message board!

The Kennedy Break-Up: T.Swift’s Most Awk Split Yet?

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  • Gleek

    So what? She’s a lot more successful than any of them. Go Taylor!

    • Gabby

      Hard Work pays but the money getting lnggonnnnonnogogg too! I Respect the grind fellas keep doing ya thang forever in my prayers for the big day! -Terrell Rice

  • amber

    what about speak now? she had fearless, speak now, and then red!!