Uh oh, is Robert Pattinson throwing shade at The Hunger Games?! Well, sort of. During a quick round of “The Yes/No Show” with MTV’s Josh Horowitz, he asked Rob if he thought that Bella could take on HG‘s tough heroine, Katniss Everdeen to which Rob replied, “Yeah, definitely. Psh, who is Katniss Everdeen?” But don’t worry HG and Twilight fans alike, it was obviously all in good fun! However, the rest of the cast pretty much agreed with Rob, as Kristen Stewart said, “Ehhh,” when asked, while Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed said yes. Watch the video above for more “Yes/No Show” fun!

Taylor Lautner Talks Possible ‘Twilight’ Spin-Off!

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  • Helena

    I in love with his laugh! (taylor) 😉

    • Ivan

      i want to try out for primrose eeevdren cause i am her age and blode haired ive been looking for auditions but i cant find them i think i would be really good because i did plays at my school and never forgot my lines. i love the books so much it would be awesome to be prim i read the books and am about to start the third one i know what happens to prim in the third since someone slipped up and told me but that dosent matter. i know acting at school is different than in front of a camera but i just want to audition to show them im good if i dont get it i would be upset but it wouldnt be that bad theres always next time if it dosent work out but when ever i audotion for something i mess up i’ll have to work on it but that reallyonly happens when i sing i bet i can do this!

  • Felicity

    I love Taylor at the end when he say “Im out of here!”!!