Hey guys, welcome to the latest episode of Copy Cat! On this week’s episode, I’m joined by the wonderful Joey Graceffa, and we take part in the makeup challenge. That’s right, I let Joey into my makeup bag, where he (kind of) dolled me up. Step by step, we break down how Joey gave me this new “look” which includes way too much face primer, black eye shadow, tons of blush, bronzer and much more! LOL! Even though Joey did an, um, interesting job, I appreciate his effort!

Looking at my makeup disaster isn’t the best part of the video, because we’re also giving away a free subscription to Birchbox for one whole year! Yeah, pretty cool. Watch the video above to see our makeup challenge and get more details on the giveaway!

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  • Ashleigh

    Love it, I love the eyebrow lashes lol CLASSIC :)

  • Sarah

    I really like this video. I have seen Joey do Tanya Burr’s makeup to. He is a real professional. My favorite makeup product is NARS blush in GAIETY. It is such a sheer color but you can build it up to be bright. It is a nice hot pink color!!!

  • Megan

    That’s attractive haha! and my favorite makeup product is mascara.

  • Malena

    I love the naked 2 palette :)

  • Annie

    You guys are so funny! My favorite makeup product is definitely the new BB makeup primer. Works so well!

  • Lisa

    Haha this is so funny! My favorite make up product is eyeliner