CONFIRMED: Star Wars: Episode 7 is happening, folks. After the big guns over at Disney announced the purchase of Star Wars producer Lucasfilm, the reboot of the franchise has already been slated for release come 2015. And since Director George Lucas trusts Disney’s vision for the revival, younger stars like Josh Hutcherson (who has ‘bad-ass’ written all over him) and Debby Ryan (a self-proclaimed SW fanatic) have already been tossed into the mix as potentials for leads Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. Do you want an entirely new and/or younger cast? Who would you want to play the main characters? Tell us below, and make sure to subscribe to our friends at ClevverTV for more celeb news.

Watch Josh Hutcherson in New Red Dawn Clip!

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  • dennis otto sr

    debby ryan would be perfect as Leigh

  • Julia

    I’m not sure how I feel about Josh, but Debby would be amazing as Leia. She’s an amazing actress and could pull it off flawlessly.

  • Michelle

    Oh God no, not Debby. She’s a horrible actress. Josh would be all right, but I kind of want to see people a bit older play the roles. Perhaps actors in their mid twenties?

    • Billy Anderson

      Debby ryan would not make it far in the movie business because she is fabricated Generic Mainstream lukewarm those TV Show”s and movies on Disney compared to real world movies you gotta be raw she ain”t good enough to play a role in starwars

  • kris

    No! Not Debby!! >.< She can't act!
    Josh, i would love to see him here!!He is great!

  • ryanne

    I think Josh Hutcherson would do well in a young apprentice role. Judging from his performance in The Hunger Games, I think he can pull off the innocent. uncertain character. I expect the new SW to be more about rediscovering the force rather than an intergalactic war.

  • Jarmei

    Hands down debby ryan to play Princess Leia. She’s a versatile actress. She can totes nail it. And for Luke Skywalker i vote Cole Sprouse, he too is a badass.

  • joe


  • ewa

    oh c’mon .Josh is too short and ugly .Zac is the best match .ZAAAAACCCCC!

    • Rosalena

      I swear if I hear one more comment about Josh’s height, I will punch someone. That child pure perfection. He is 5’7 which isn’t terribly short. If you are judging him just on his performance in The Hunger Games, stop talking. As one who has seen the majority of his movies, I can honestly say he can play anyone well. He has true talent. As far as his looks go, Josh is far from ugly. Have you seen his jawline? Or his eyes? I can get lost in them for days. His smile lights up the entire room. If you still think he is unattractive, please explain to me why thousands of girls throw their bodies at him. I highly doubt he will take this role. He is super busy with The Hunger Games series, as well as doing smaller films in between. He has the remake of “Red Dawn” coming out later this month. Check it out. I apologize for my rant.

  • era

    oh c\’mon .He\’s too short and small and snub faced and no offence ugly .ZAC is the ideal !

    • Dino

      Both terribly wrong for thos franchise. Hutcherson is too short and wont have time to do another franchise until hunger games is over. Debby ryan good luck has not been tested on the big screen.

      With top directors being bandied about better picks would be actors like logan lerman, taissa farmiga, elle fanning, anton yelchin. Aka people who can act. Disney may own it but disney stars simply do not have the chops for SW