While we’re totally obsessed with Jedward’s cover video of One Direction’sLittle Things” (as well as these reactions to the song, haha) when we heard YouTuber ceejofficial‘s cover of the tune, our jaws literally dropped. Not only is she a super-talented singer, but her personality seems pretty amaze, too. Check out CeeJ’s cover and let us know what you think in the comments below! Have you seen any other “Little Things” covers that you’re completely obsessed with?

One Direction’s Next Single Is…

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8 Responses to "Watch a Gorgeous Cover of One Direction “Little Things”"

  1. Teen.com
    eve says:

    wow amazing x

  2. Teen.com
    Brielle says:

    I loved this song! She sang it soo well!

  3. Teen.com
    claire says:

    i love the song! she ruins it. shes terrible!

  4. Teen.com
    claire says:

    i love the song! she ruins it

  5. Teen.com
    Belle says:

    This song is terrible. Go and listen to Cole Porter instead, before your brains wither.

  6. Teen.com
    OneDirectionLover says:

    She is amazing! I loved her cover of the song! I agree with her! Thank you Ed Sheeran for writing this great song! One Direction and Ed Sheeran should work together on more songs!

  7. Teen.com
    Diamond says:

    This was really amazing! She saaang this song. I really liked it

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