Loose teeth can be pretty tricky, but one dad found a sure-fire way to get his daughter’s tooth out of there. A dad posted a video on YouTube of his young daughter Ava who had a loose tooth, and came up with the idea to tie a string to both the tooth and their family dog Clancy. Then, Ava threw a tennis ball, which Clancy ran after and the tooth popped right out! What do you guys think of this? Would you have let your parents do something like this? Watch the video, then sound off in the comments!

Aw! Animals Holding Animals

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  • Darillyn

    I think its a very cute idea! It would not have pulled the tooth out, had it not been very, very loose and ready to come out. Teeth that are just barely hanging on are very annoying, so it is in the child’s best interest to help them come out. The dog distracted the girl’s attention from it and it was out before she knew it!