The battle of the British boy bands is getting ugly. What started out as playful competition between One Direction and The Wanted is now turning into an all-out, very public feud as both sides are speaking up. Last month, Liam Payne claimed that TW “only got themselves to blame” for the opposition. But since then, TW’s Max George was caught citing 1D’s “immaturity” as a factor in their fight and saying: “They’re young and that’s expected, and I laugh at it… Maybe it’s just an age thing.” 1D clearly took the statement to heart as Louis Tomlinson told Now magazine: “I just think, if you want to create that rivalry, then let’s do it.”

Whose side are you on, One Direction’s or The Wanted’s? Watch the video above for more on the brewing feud, and make sure to subscribe to our friends at ClevverTV for more celeb news!

The Wanted & One Direction to Play Jingle Ball

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  • Zari

    One Direction of course. But i like em both

  • tony

    The Wanted

  • Jen

    Im with The Wanted. One Direction is being immature and even Harry said that its a stupid fight and that Zayn and Louis were being immature. They should stop arguing, this isnt going to make anybody better than the other. Both of them are good bands and by fighting then they are just making fans hate each other and argue about this. Just saying.

  • bhjjbj

    (Yes… I counted -_-)
    18 for One Direction
    5 for The Wanted
    3 for both……..
    WOOT, WOOT!!
    Actually make that 19 for 1D… Just gotta love ’em.