The holiday season is the editors’ favorite time of the year because we get to weigh in on all the trendiest gifts of the year. We especially love that we get to share all of our biggest gift wants with all of you! We recently came across the newest trailer for the new Sims 3 Seasons Expansion Pack and we couldn’t resist sharing the actual hilarious dialogue that went down at the office about the game. Seriously, we’re not making this up, this really happened.

The Editors:
Sarah, Digital Content Assistant
Liz, Social Media
Amanda, Editor

Amanda: I played ALL the different expansions in my high school days and this just might be the best Sims.

Liz: I can’t wait for it to be summer in my Sims game! Something tells me my Sim would really enjoy getting a tan and going for a swim at the beach.

Sarah: I really feel like the Sims spent too much time indoors and really need some Vitamin D.

Liz: Ooooohhhh I read that if you have Sims Supernatural AND Sims Seasons, it unlocks a special feature where you can have “magical” rain.  I WANT MAGICAL RAIN!


Amanda: As if there weren’t enough reasons to love The Sims!!

Clearly, we’re very excited to add the game to our holiday list this year. What do you love about The Sims games?

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  • Vici

    Lol good and bad

  • Vici

    Lol good and bad bich