Yep, Glee has gone “Gangnam Style”! Although, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise considering how the New Directions gang loves to cover topical songs. (Remember when they sang Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” back in the day?!) Taking the reigns on this tune is Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), which makes perfect sense considering Jenna is from Korea, which is where Psy hails from. We have to admit, she does a pretty good job at singing in Korean! She definitely pulls off this catchy tune like no one else could. Oh, and have you seen this video of them dancing to the tune yet? Take a listen above, and watch Glee when it airs on FOX this Thursday at 9 PM!

Quinn Is Back on ‘Glee’!

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  • lauren

    Personaly i really don’t like glee i find it kind of pointless but i guess if some people like it then i have no reason to judge them!! But i am mad they broke up santana and britney biggiest mistake ever!!!!! now i will so never watch glee ever again!!! grrrrrrr glee!!!!!!!!!!