Hey guys! Welcome to the latest episode of Joey’s Dystopia! This week, it’s all about the YA novel The Uglies! In the book, all 16-year-olds get operations to go from “uglies” to “pretties,” which includes plastic surgery, getting movable tattoos and lots of other crazy stuff. So, we used Photoshop to change me into a “pretty”! It looks sooo crazy! LOL! First, they changed my skin, then made my nose super skinny, after that they turned my eyes purple and much, MUCH more!

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Joey Does Maze Runner IRL!

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  • Unique

    I would definately change my hair because it triangular and it would be super cool if i had the agility of a special circumstance person and mabey some exotic eyes…. yeah that would be AWESOME

  • mustylover

    i heard that you guys all have vaginas…. you dig?

  • Ace

    If I were a pretty I would change my eye color and make my hair less thick. Also I just started reading the first uglies book I Love it.

  • Emily Kilroy

    My eyebrows or maybe my eye color…Bright Green!

  • Grace

    I love Ross lynch and Niall.

  • alli

    i would change my eyes, nose, and lips

  • Taima

    If I was made to a pretty I would change my nose because it’s really ugly ( I kinda made it look like that ) and my parents and friends keep hating me for that and it hurts so bad, I’ve dealt with this crap for about freaking 9 years and i will deal with for the rest of my life, and that makes me more disappointed !!

  • Bekah

    If I were a pretty, I’d get the super bubbly tattoos that tally had! I’d also make my eyes a more vivid green, my hair a lighter blond, and make my nose a bit smaller. And maybe I could be a bit shorter because I am too tall! xD

  • Brielle

    If I were to made pretty I would change my eye color to a lighter shade of brown because it would be make me more soulful and dramatic. I would also make my body look more athletic and stronger, but still feminine. Also, if I were to be made pretty I would be a little taller because for once people would look up to me instead of it being the other way around. Lastly, the most important thing I would do is just stay myself because even though I can name a lot of things I don’t like about myself; some people may like those things about me.