The Jonas Brothers Pantages concerts have begun! Did you catch last night’s show? Whether you did or didn’t, you should definitely watch the video above. It’s of Kevin, Joe and Nick belting out Rihanna‘s latest Unapologetic single, “Diamonds.” For more goodies from the boy band’s first Los Angeles performance this year, check out the vid in this JoBro tweet:

The Fate of Married to Jonas is Revealed

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  • Amen

    I am in love with her hair cut it is FABULOUS. I am totally geittng that cut this Sat my hair color is fierce and I get tons of compliments so I know that it will be a hit when I get it, and I to will be FABULOUS. Just got a bob cut that is at the nape of my neck I hate it and actually have decided to go all the way and this is the cut I wil get. She actually looks better with this cut to me more natural less unbeweavable. She in no way looks butch neither will I. we both have way too many curves that no man will ever mistake me or her for anything but a woman.

  • Alex

    I think they performed it even better than the original! Their cover of we Found Love by Rihanna is also amazing. I love seeing them on stage together, and am definitely planning on going to one of their shows when they tour!