Have you given someone a compliment today? Because this video will make you want to spread the love! SoulPancake recently set up this give a compliment/get a compliment booth in L.A., and tons of people came out to make each other feel special. Whether is was a co-worker and boss, mother and daughter, life-long friends, and everything in between, this video will definitely make you tear up. So, get out those tissues and hit play, because this video is guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy!

Wait..How Was This Music Video Filmed?!

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  • M4 Ryusei

    Hi Matt! I’m Ryusei Homma taking your class in M4.
    I’m really sorry for sending you my comment.
    I don’t offen give a compliment to my parents and friends.
    But this video made me want to do so. It is natural for us to be grateful when someone helps us and tells us good information. I think Japanese peaple can’t do such easy things so well, which is a difference between Japanese and foreigners. From now, I make sure of giving compliments to every peaple whenever they help me and give good information.

  • M5 Manami

    I really really love this video!!!
    Maybe all of us want to give compliments to their important people and search some opportunities.
    So, this is very good!!!