We all know that fans go crazy when they see Justin Bieber, but this is just ridiculous! We just got a peek at this new video of the “Boyfriend” singer surrounded by hoards of fans was just released, and is it just us, or is he trying to say something? Maybe if his fans weren’t so loud, we could know what he was talking about! We know how much fans love the Biebs, but what if he’s trying to tell us something really important? Think you might be able to decode what he’s talking about? Head over to whatdidjustinsay.com and maybe you can figure it out!

Click Here To Guess What He’s Saying

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2 Responses to "What Is Justin Bieber Talking About?!"

  1. Teen.com
    amy says:

    this song was just made up after justin and selena broke up and when nikky says “but i gotta keep my eye out for selener” thats pretty f***** up im on selenas side fu jb and nikki

  2. Teen.com
    mariam says:

    thats impossible !!

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