We don’t know about you guys, but we’re putting this video on repeat! For the last few years, a big trend for DJs has been to make a mash up of various hit songs throughout the year, and we’re getting a glimpse at the first of many to come. This one, made by Pop Danthology features over 50 (!) of the greatest songs of 2012 including Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe,” Justin Bieber‘s “Boyfriend,” One Direction‘s “What Makes You Beautiful,” and many, many more. Listen to it for yourself above!

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s NYC Date!

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  • Anna

    Oh and also on his behalf layfof guys why the crap do you care nobody is perfect we’re all humans so layfof he’s got lawyers justin can easily sue you y’all thin your so great how would you like it if people called you gay quit being posers by thinking your so great my freaking gosh!!!

  • jhessy

    OMG!!!!!! Este vídeo é o mais legal que já vi,muito bom,adorei .Parabéns,inclusive o detalhe de não deixar o meu Justin lindo fora desta ,amei.

    • Juan

      justin bieber is not gay..guys ar just fcikun jealous at him coz he’s young,cute,famous and taleted..even if he’s gay,wat ar ur business?? Just leave him the hell alone let him live he’s life,coz he left y’all 2 live urs.gay or no gay,let him be.mind ur own business!

  • jessie

    OMG that was awesome. the coolest video I have ever seen 😀

  • Nicole

    So, I didn’t watch the whole thing b/c I have hw to do, but what I’ve watched was awesome! This youtube user has got to become famous 😀

  • Salma

    Justin Bieber and PSY brought on the fire, but of course one direction were amayzayn.

  • claire

    One direction!!!! this video is so cool!!!

  • Kristen

    this is CRAZY!!!!!! amazing. 😀

  • Brooklin

    That was SO cool. I’m super happy that they included One Direction. I would have been upset if they didn’t.

  • Alexandra

    That was so cool:), but yeah they forgot “we are never ever getting back together”.

  • Calle

    They forgot We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together!!! :( But this was good!!

  • Louislover84

    That was the coolest video ever, I loved it!!!♥♥♥