After performing a successful sold-out show at Madison Square Garden and meeting fans who won the Bring Me to 1D sweepstakes, it’s no surprise that Niall, Louis, Harry and Liam of One Direction decided to let loose on the streets of NYC and have some fun. (Oh, and if you’re wondering where Zayn was during the band’s escapade, he was reportedly getting another tattoo.) But, when Louis decided to stick his head out of the car’s sunroof, the NYPD was quick to get involved and pulled the guys over.

Fortunately, the cops were nice about the whole situation — especially when they realized who was in the car and asked to take a photo with Lou before letting them go! Apparently, the guys were actually filming scenes to be in their upcoming 3D movie, which makes sense seeing as later on Harry was once again seen sticking his head out a different sunroof and dancing with Lady Liberty and Liam near Central Park. WARNING: Cuteness ahead!

Do These Pics Prove Haylor Is Offish?

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  • Briluvs1D

    People need to respect others opinions I personally love 1D but if someone else doesn’t that’s OK too….. DON’T HATE COLLABORATE

  • Louislover84

    OMG!! That was so cute and funny!!!♥♥♥

  • OneDirectionLover

    I love them so much! I can’t wait till the movie comes out! My substitute teacher saw a picture of One Direction on my book and said that he met them at the Olympics! I was freaking out! I couldn’t breathe and I turned red and hot! I never thought I was a crazy Directioner who faints and cries over them but apperantly I am and I’m proud of it! I just wish he would’ve brought me along with him to London!

  • claire

    I love these boys!

    • LJ077

      You have something rong with YOU

  • Cathy

    What a bunch of absolute idiots. Directioners have no taste whatsoever…go and listen to some real music before you let teenage girls everywhere look as idiotic as you do.

    • kailey

      no body asked for your opinion. if you dont like them, why did you even open this page?

      • Ariel

        I wanted to see if they’d actually gotten arrested so they’d stop bothering us with their horrible music. And I’m perfectly entitled to my opinion, thank you very much. Case dismissed!