Darren Criss isn’t the only male singer who can take on The Little Mermaid. During his set for BBC’s Live Lounge, Bruno Mars (who’s nominated for Best Rap Song at the 2013 Grammys) covers what he calls “the best song ever written” a.k.a. “Part of Your World.” He says of the song, “There’s this one song, this cover that we used to do, that I could never get through because I choke up. [But] I want to look fear in the eyes right now, and then I want to kick it in the ding ding.”

And after nailing the Disney classic, he and his pals also perform “Under the Sea.” So it’s just the most fun ever. Watch the video above for the BM renditions!

Must-Watch: A Bruno Mars Lip Dub Proposal!

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  • Bridget

    Of course Bruno would! This is why he is amazing!! :) <3

    • Bridget

      And Phil is amazing as well :) Loving those back up vocals!!

  • amaris

    this cracks me up! i though he might have sang maybe a michael jackson son or somin idk but little mermaid! lolz you bruno mars!

    • Ariel

      “lolz”? I’m not sure why anything else on this page but your grammar is funny…and by your grammar being funny, I mean it’s horribly, soul-crushingly bad.

  • Ariel

    I love this song so much, Disney has gone downhill with all that High School Musical crap.