If you’re not pro-Haylor, then avert your eyes ASAP! ’cause while Harry Styles and Taylor Swift — who have been dating for… who knows how long? — were both at Z100 Jingle Ball 2012 last week, they had a little side action during one of the performances. (And when we say ‘little,’ we mean ultra brief. But still, it’s just further proof of a relationship.) Fortunately, someone caught the peck on camera for all to see.

Oh, and just in case you’re still not convinced, Harry’s pal, Olly Murs, who also performed at the venue, played a game of “Kill, Marry, Snog” a few days ago, and T.Swift’s name was thrown into the mix. So when it came to choosing whether he’d kill, marry or snog her, this was his response: “I would say I would avoid Taylor Swift, because she’s dating one of my friends. She’s going out with Harry Styles. So Harry, I couldn’t obviously go near Taylor because that’s his missus.” BOOM!

First Listen: Haylor’s (Future) Break-Up Song!

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  • Jesse

    It’s good, I know you will like it. At the pictures, some pepole were very surprised when it ended, I am not sure they were sufficiently up on the whole Harry Potter series!!

  • Jaz Z 1D

    Truck Haylor

  • prupri

    que significa LOL?

  • Hannah

    Lol I luv Niall

  • katie

    I ship him more with that guy he was dancing with than Taylor

    • Emily

      Lol ikr xD
      Haylor isn’t a bad relationship, and the world shouldn’t be involved, but Harry looks like he’s having loads more fun with (I think) Paul. 😛

  • Melisa

    i hate haylor

    • Vitoria

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  • cindaay

    they didn’t even kiss. she kissed him on the cheek & he looked like he was happy that she was gone

  • marnie

    did anybody notice how they specifically blurred it out when that happened? yeah. its too make it look like a kiss. but it wasnt. harry denies haylor every time and taylors management even payed paparazzi to take pics to make it look like thier dating. but guess what. thier not.

  • Yo Mama

    This is garbage! It’s too blurry, she could been just hugging him for all we know!

  • Delyila

    Harry Looks so Adorable There!!! And Taylor looks to old for Harry. Follow Me On Twitter…….. @DelyilaRivera

  • Billy

    Eugh, she must have horrible taste. That Harry guy looks more like a chick than she does.

    • Yo Mama

      If I were you I would shut up!

      • Pickle

        And why would I be wanting to do that, rude stranger?

  • No one

    Harry seems to be showing more interest in that older man than Taylor… XD ROFL!

    • Yuriy

      I read your blog all the time. I check it on a regular basis. Then I think of my blog and how your life seems so much more exiitcng than mine. Keep writing! I will comment more. Usually I just laugh or cry right along with you!Love, Bonnie

  • Mia

    That was only a smooch. I could give a that kind of kiss to any of my guy friends. :)

    • lola

      so can i

  • claire

    awww so cute! Harry loves her <3

    • cindaay

      LOL. noo. he looked waaaay happier after she left than when she was there.

      • Emi

        he was happy because she kissed him. Everyone needs to stop hating

      • Ymot

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