Even though Wizards of Waverly Place only went off the air in January, the cast is already back in action! Teen caught up with Selena Gomez on the set of the upcoming TV movie Wizards of Waverly Place: Alex Vs. Alex and chatted with her about a number of different topics. First off, we asked about closing the WOWP chapter in her life, to which she replied, “I did, and I didn’t. You know, I definitely think it’s the right decision to kind of be over with, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t come back and have fun one more time. I think the fans would really enjoy it, plus the episode I completely fell in love with. We’re in a whole different setting from anything you’ve seen the Russos in, and we’re doing things we’ve never done before. So, I’m excited about it, I think [the fans] will enjoy it.”

Selena also opened up about the past year, and said, “This year for me has been so┬áincredible, with the films I was able to do, they were all very different and edgy and artistic and really fun for me to stretch.” However, she does recognize her younger fans, adding, “Obviously I do know I have that younger fan base, and they mean so much to me. So, whether it’s my music or coming back to do this episode, if I can do things for them, too, I would want to make them happy.”

To see what else Selena had to say about her WOWP return (and more!) watch the video above, and make sure you tune into Wizards of Waverly Place: Alex Vs. Alex when it airs on Disney Channel in 2013!

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  • Guadalupe

    Ene odoo biebert duurgi yum bol yugaa hiij bieber ntriin talaar medee unshij tsagaa urdeg bnaa. Yaaj ch bodson minii huvid bieber nasni ene bandias 100% iluu. One directioniihan hefiiger avyastai tsarailag huvguud ch gsn buh talaara bieberiin hemjeend hureh bologuil sanagddin.

  • katie

    i’am so glad the show is comeing back one more last time i love alexs and justin and maxs they r so good actors and wene i first sall the show i fell right in love cuse it was the first thing that came on disney that was diffrent then any other show and thats what made me fall in love with the show and in the way it was made and i thank the people who made the show please bring the show up to the next level and i love wizerds for life just bring selena back to the big screen of acting and i thank she should come back and to make here own show it would be cool if she had a show where she had a twin or a movie and i love wizerds for life
    love wizaerds