While we’re all waiting to hear more details on Naya Rivera‘s debut solo album (as well as her “My Heart” single. Where is it??), there’s still non-Glee-related news to report on the actress. She is the lead singer in 2CELLOS‘ new music video for “Supermassive Black Hole!”

To refresh your memory, 2CELLOS is the cello duo that played behind Santana and Sebastian during their “Smooth Criminal” rendition on the Glee Michael Jackson tribute episode. Now, the group’s come together again (minus Grant Gustin) to perform the 2006 song, originally written and performed by rock band Muse. Watch the sci-fi video above, then tell us what you think of Naya’s performance!

Which Gleeks Are Working on Solo Albums?

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  • Amanda

    2 cellos are so talented and revolutionizing the classical music business. Loving their new album IN2ITION and all of the songs with different artists. Check out their “Supermassive Black Hole” cover with Naya Rivera of Glee: http://bit.ly/V6XRDj. so cool!

  • Donna

    I loved the music. The 2 cello guys and Naya are a really good team , Naya with AMber are a great team. Naya and Lea are good too, LOL I think that Naya does well with everyone. The Supermassive video was really sexy and I wasn’t expecting that. I think that some people love Naya so much that they want her to sing songs that shows off her voice and others want Naya not to be used as a sex thing. I’m really happy that she is singing with other artist, I liked the music and the video a lot.

  • yes

    I love everything she does … the song is sexy and she looks so sexy, that’s all.
    stop seeking some other explanation

  • Kaliey Johnson

    I love Naya Rivera on Glee as Santana,but in this video she looks like a person who only wants to show her boobs

  • alli

    this is the most stupid video i have ever seen in my ENTIRE life! and i have seen “hot problems” also. naya is such a talented singer and on glee she does (did) all this heart felt material and she was AMAZING. but now she is just sitting up there exposing her boobs and singing with all this crap auto tune! it honestly feels like she is selling her soul just to get on the top 100 charts! THIS SONG SUCKS! NAYA YOU LET ME DOWN!!!!