So I know a lot of you probably already got tons of stuff for Christmas, but why not add a few more things! I’m doing a huge post-Christmas giveaway with a few of my favorite things. The first item I’m giving away are some cute Mane Message hair ties. Not only do they not leave kinks in your hair, but they’re definitely are a nice change from the usual black hair tie. Next, I’m giving away the limited edition EOS Alive in Wonderland three-pack (I seriously love EOS), Lauren Conrad’s Beauty bookand a STILA Snow Angel Color Palette — a $270 value!

Some of you may know, I’m obsessed with Wildfox!! And I got you TWO of their amazing Wildfox White Label sweaters. I am very jealous of the winners who gets both of these, but it’s all in the holiday spirit of wanting to hook you up with some of my favorite things!

And last but not least, I’m giving away Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck perfume! It smells sooo good! Watch the video above to find out how you can win ALL this awesome stuff!

Copy Cat: Closet Tour With The ‘PLL’ Stylist!

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24 Responses to "Copy Cat: HUGE Post-Christmas Giveaway!"

    Gracia says:

    I got a small bottle of lotion that was my favorite and i gave my best friend my ipod touch 4 and my couzin my tickets to see one direction i love getting stuff but its not as fun as the giving

    Hannah Dempsey says:

    The best present I gave this year was a toy aeroplane to my nephew! He was so excited when he opened it! =) x

    Colleen Conway says:

    My favorite gift that I gave was a plane ticket to my friend so that she could spend Christmas with me and my family instead of alone in her dorm room. The best gift that I received was getting to see my cousins for the first time in 4 years!

    Autumn Myers says:

    I follow teen on facebook with Autumn Cayleigh Myers, and my favorite gift that I gave away was the coach wristlet I gave my mom. She uses them all the time, and it’s funny cause she got me a bag from coach too, it’s like we cross-gifted each other. So those were my favorites :)

    Dana Cox says:

    I got my sister her favorite childhood Christmas film, The Little Drummer Boy, she almost cried. And my favorite gift I got was the birthstone heart ring that I got from my mom. (:

    Ellie:) says:

    My fave thing I got for Christmas was´╗┐ a One Direction teddy bear:) Its soooo snugggily and cuddly:))

    Kirie Gervais says:

    I think my favorite thing that I gave someone was an oil painting that I made for my best friend. She really likes British television, so I painted 3 big British movie/TV stars for her on stretched canvas. (Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who) I was really proud of my work and was happy that she enjoyed my gift to her.

    My favorite gift was a giraffe necklace that I got from my parents. I love giraffes, and it was super cute. (:

    Gracia says:

    I go jappenease cherry blossom lotion and shower gel that was my favorite

    Jamie Larimore says:

    The best present I got for Christmas is a cookie monster t-shirt and a kindle fire!

    Katy Parker says:

    I got mocking jay the last book of the hunger games

    Katy Parker says:

    I got an iPhone 4

    aniza1 says:

    I wanted the Taylor swift perfume so bed that we got it yesterday and I was so HAPPY put when it come to rep the gifts that we got I some how didn’t get my gift that I wanted and the next day my cousin got it instead of me so I would be very greatful if I got the wonderstruck perfume :-)

    Jasmine Robinson says:

    For Christmas my favorite thing that I got was $50. I was extremely happy. I also loved that I gave my little cousin a leapfrog.

    Kodey says:

    My favorite gift that I got was a One Direction watch from my wonderful family. My favorite gift I gave was a Niall necklace and Zayn necklace to my little sister. I also gave my mom some pretty earrings and a bracelet.

      Fanis says:

      I love all kinds and shades of pulpre, and have quite a lot of those colors in my wardrobe. Like Melissa, I’ve also had pulpre hair, but that was way back when I was around 17 or something, and it was kind of a dark brown/pulpre/almost black. Looked amazing in sunlight, and I had navy blue cat eye glasses and lots of colorful clothes, I probably looked cut out from a fifties cartoon :)

    Leslie says:

    I love what my aunt gave me for Christmas , she got me a one direction bag and a cute scrapbook . I also gave my mom a frame with a photo of my whole family and told them to sign it <3

    selenie says:

    I Gave My Friend A Cute One Direction Shirt & I Got A Justin Beiber Perfume ILovee Jb ^-^ Well Just That Becase My Mom Has Cancer & She Really Doesnt Have Alot Of Money Well Yeah :)

    grace says:

    my nook! I didn’t want one but my mom got me one any ways and I love it!!!! And the best thing I gave was a starbucks giftcard I know it sounds lame but theres a loonngg story about how its the best gift I gave(:

    Celine says:

    I’d say root sweat pants but they didn’t have my size so, I’ll get them later ;)
    Funnies gift: a shower cap -jazzy, but no thanks, mom.
    Hair straightner, and nail kit

    Kirby says:

    My favorite present was a amethyst pendant with a pink sapphire halo necklace my boyfriend gave me. my favorite present i gave away was some brandy melville sweaters i gave to my sister…i cant wait to borrow them.

      Adnan says:

      My grandmother, who tauhgt me how to sew when I was three, absolutely adored purple! She wore some shade of it every day of her life while she was able. She was a rebel in many ways, and my love of purple came by her. My favorite color is red but what would red be without purple by its side? : )

    TJ says:

    I don’t celebrate Christmas but I gave my best friend a Taylor Swift card, that I drew and a small gift. She loved both presents and I really want the Taylor Swift perfume and the British flag “Wildfox” shirt!

    virginia says:

    For Christmas I got a one direction speaker and gave away my hair straightener :)))

    Steven Epstein says:

    I like to give so I gave my girlfriends sister a beautiful box of wine glasses from MIkasa. My girlfriend I gave a beautiful down jacket and a diamond watch(yes real diamonds).

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