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You’ve heard of The Little Drummer boy, right? This takes things to a whole other level! This video was recently put on YouTube of a kid playing the drums with a very unusual instrument. Using a washing machine, this adorable little kid manages to play a catchy tune. This kid uses all different parts of the machine to make sweet music — the lid, the inside, and more. Watch the video above to see more!

Victoria Justice’s Awesome Holiday Medley!

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3 Responses to "Kid Plays Drums Using Washing Machine"

  1. Teen.com
    Dan says:

    You had a link to an unauthorized upload of the video — which has since been taken down. If you want to link to the original one, you can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_viuM_sEOOU

  2. Teen.com
    tee236 says:


  3. Teen.com
    Tee9865 says:

    That was amazing!

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