Hi guys! In today’s season one finale of Dear Teen, we got the sweetest letter from a fan named Julia. Here’s part of it that I wanted to share with you.

“You always have people on Dear Teen who get to meet Meghan and celebrities, and when they are casually taking with Meghan, I’m always thinking, ‘Why arent they freaking out?!’…Watching Joey and Meghan brightens my day, and they are always so positive that it reminds me to keep pushing forward.”

Awww, SO NICE!! I wanted to surprise her with something special, so I arranged a Skype chat to talk to her and didn’t tell her Joey would also be there! Check it out above! Byeeeee!

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  • Tom hoang

    Dear teen I wish I would meet joey graceffa one time my friend Michelle she lied that she has joey graceffa email and she said he will give it to me for my birthday but it was a app the app was called fake a text so she lied to me and I never met joey graceffa in real live I really want to and my sister too. We feel so sad when we can’t met joey graceffa but my friend Michelle that lied to me have but not us so my skype name is tom_dog_ if it would happen so thx so much bye :)

  • soma hamimaya

    Dear teen I wish I can meet joey grecaffa I think im never going to meet him in my entire life and for one day I one to talk to him if u have skype my username is joeyfan4 im worried of my education to because there some troublemakers that wont let me study but till then im free from them I mean like away till october or september im going back to school and there some girls that pick on me like bother me and stuff and I want to go to get a a food life . When I grow up I want to become part of the Navy and then an artist if there is some how a way to talk to joey it will be a wish come true and with u too so thx see you later.” May the odds be ever in your favor and good byeeee.” Thx #cray.