On Wednesday, we got our first sneak peek at One Direction‘s “Kiss You” video teaser, and now we’re getting a look at part two! Wednesday’s video consisted of the fellas in goofing off in sailor suits, but for the second teaser, we see them in jail bird outfits. What does it all mean?! Whatever the video consists of, you know it’s going to be good considering the teaser says it’s a “music video blockbuster,” and it’s a vid they “couldn’t keep behind bars.” Watch the teaser above, and stay tuned for the “Kiss You” video premiere on January 7!

LOL-Worthy 1D Lip Dub

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  • Lilian

    This is a rubbish song. Seriously, who would listen to this?

  • Britt

    OMG I loved it!!!!!!!! I really loved when it said introducing: Niall I loved the little dance he did and LOUIS RODE A POLE=ddddddddddddddddddddd They look really cute as sailors and now they broke out of jail luckky themm THEIR SO DAMN SEXY

  • lola

    i’m died and they are dancing its so sexy cuz they cant dance hahah