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The world hasn’t been able to stop talking about Harry Styles and Taylor Swift‘s New Year’s Eve kiss, and even animals are getting in on the conversation! The couple, who began quietly dating some time in November, have been having quite the winter vacay! First they hit the slopes in Utah, then took the Times Sqaure in NYC, where the aforementioned kiss went down, and now they’re soaking up the sun in the British Virgin Islands. Well, we have a fishy friend over at Teen, and we thought we’d take the time to get his perspective on the NYE kiss matter. We showed him the video, and his response, was, interesting. Watch the video above! What do you guys think of Haylor? Share your thoughts in the comments!

More Deets On Haylor’s Winter Vacay!

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  • Jessica bark

    I love u harry

  • nicki

    Harry is beutiful

    • audrey

      taylor is always with a guy and she should of stayed with harry taylor is desperetw

    • Taylor swift


  • nicki

    I think Taylor is crazy she broke up with my Harry Styles.

  • niall horran

    i think harry is crasy

  • h8 taylor

    she sucks

  • 1dforlyfe

    Taylor is breaking up 1d just leave harry alone taylor god i am sure u can find another guy thats easy for you u have a new one every day :()

    • coolbabe

      omg ur alwas haveing a new boyfriend

      • coolbabe

        leave harry alone and the rest of 1d:(

  • Natalie

    He doesn’t look happy with her. Haylor sucks. Taylor sucks.. TEAM HARRY TEAM HARRY TEAM HARRY TEAM HARRY

  • .:MU51CLUV3R:.

    now i kno a lot of u r gonna h8 me out there 4 saying this but i gotta say it. haylor is not the perfect couple. i mean i dont kno if its just me but harry is freakin 18 yrs old and taylor is 23!!!! saying this doesnt me that i dont like them, i do, just not as a couple….

    • Swiftectioner 4 lyfe

      so true i thought the same that was because for some reason harry had a thing for older woman

  • Sophia Malik

    She is moving way too fast! He doesn’t even look happy with her! Harry can do way better than her!

  • Lil

    Aww thats cute for Haylor! There adorbs together!

    • Directioner4ever

      I dont like haylor they’re not really right for each other like I like chocolate and dogs but i don’t mix that and no hate taylor but thats my opinion and more then half of the other directioners out there


        Stop hating taylor is not a good match for harry but its his choice leave him alone one day we might kiss harry so stop with your yappin and LEAVE TAYLOR ALONE!