Are we going to hear the future Haylor break-up song sooner than expected? While Taylor Swift‘s not exactly known for long-term relationships with men, buzz is going around that her and the other half of Haylor, Harry Styles, have called it quits already!

Just after reports spread that Hazza dropped the L word on the country singer last week before the couple’s romantic vacation on to the Virgin Islands, Taylor sent out this tweet:

Lyrics from her “I Knew You Were Trouble” single. For more details, watch the ClevverTV video above, then make sure to join the conversation in the comments!

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4 Responses to "Haylor Update: Harry Styles & Taylor Swift Break-Up Rumors Swirl After “Trouble” Tweet (VIDEO)"

    Kristie says:

    I”ve seen so many reasons why they broke up, I just hope harry didn’t get his heart broken. And I completely agree with Emily!!

    Emily says:

    I’m a fan of Taylor’s music, but she’s so dramatic. She probably was being a control freak(It seems that that’s how she is in her relationships) and started a fight herself.

    emm says:

    Taylor needs to stop being a hater. Everyone hates a hater. She was just using him to get attention. Poor Harry you diserve better. You should date someone that has a nice warm heart. Apparently Taylor doesn’t have one. I saw this was coming. I will stick up for you Harry like a good Directioner will do.

    Madi says:

    i like haylor. im not an obsessed crazy person who sends death threats to harry or taylor, but i am upset they broke up. harry seemed very happy and so did taylor. i love them both.

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